Friday, April 24, 2009

Questions, questions, questions...

So tonight Mali asked me where comets come from. Comets? Why does she know about comets?? And where do they come from? So then she started asking me about the moon and how to get there and why people want to walk in outer space. Then we were looking at stars on the internet and she asked why Antares was red. Again, I have no idea! My almost-5-year-old isn't supposed to ask me such tough things!

Last week she was asking me how Jesus and God and "that other guy" (the Holy Spirit) can be one and three at the same time. My answer: "Magic?" Really, I'm not ready for questions so deep and probing. Then she asked how Jesus can be God and God's son. Got me. He just is. Then she asked about Jesus' mom. Okay, I can answer that. THEN it was, "If I can't see God, how did he get to be Jesus' dad? I can see my dad." Got me again. Definitely not ready for this.

Last fall she asked why leaves fall off of trees in the fall. She was not satisfied until I explained chlorophyll.

If this happens at nearly-5, what happens at 10 or 15??? :-)


Jon said...

She becomes an atheist maybe.

Alyssa said...

Oh Lord, I hope not! :-) She already sees too much beauty and perfection in this world to think that it is an accident without a Creator. Her faith is stronger than mine most days!

Jon said...

Not so much an accident as a probability. Out of the uncountable number of planets in the universe, it's no surprise that sentient life would evolve on at least one.

I guess I never told you, but I'm actually an atheist. :\

Also, most comets have their origin in the Oort cloud, a group of smaller objects beyond Pluto that also orbit the sun. Comets are the objects whose orbits bring them close enough to the Sun for its heat to vaporize the water/stone out of which they are made thus creating the characteristic tail.

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Fun at the beach!

Fun at the beach!

Beautiful sunset with our friends at the lake

Beautiful sunset with our friends at the lake