Friday, April 24, 2009

Questions, questions, questions...

So tonight Mali asked me where comets come from. Comets? Why does she know about comets?? And where do they come from? So then she started asking me about the moon and how to get there and why people want to walk in outer space. Then we were looking at stars on the internet and she asked why Antares was red. Again, I have no idea! My almost-5-year-old isn't supposed to ask me such tough things!

Last week she was asking me how Jesus and God and "that other guy" (the Holy Spirit) can be one and three at the same time. My answer: "Magic?" Really, I'm not ready for questions so deep and probing. Then she asked how Jesus can be God and God's son. Got me. He just is. Then she asked about Jesus' mom. Okay, I can answer that. THEN it was, "If I can't see God, how did he get to be Jesus' dad? I can see my dad." Got me again. Definitely not ready for this.

Last fall she asked why leaves fall off of trees in the fall. She was not satisfied until I explained chlorophyll.

If this happens at nearly-5, what happens at 10 or 15??? :-)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Maja's new earrings...

Well, for those of you who remember, Mali got her ears pierced this summer. Silly mom took BOTH of the girls at the same time. Needless to say, after watching Mali's initial scream of shock, Maja did NOT want any part of metal objects being sent through her ears at terminal velocity! A few times since then Maja has asked to get them pierced, but when we get to the mall, she panics and backs out.

Sunday she started asking for "pink earrings for the wedding" (she and Mali are going to be in the wedding of a friend of ours at the end of the month and they are so excited to get to dress up like princesses!). So we let her ask for a few days in a row before we took her seriously. On Wednesday, Tony took her to the mall after lunch and I met them there from work. Maja and Daddy went an picked out a post-piercing cookie while I did the paperwork. Maja had the fortune of having two piercing ladies, so they did both ears simultaneously. Maja was so good -- she stared straight ahead at me the whole time with no tears. Once they pulled the triggers, she looked like she thought she ought to cry, but never did. Then her look changed to, "Oh really? That's it? That's what all the fuss was over?" She never shed a tear or even let out a whimper. She is now proudly display new, sparkly, pink earrings! (A good mom would have a photo, but I am not that organized, so all you get is a story!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spring is in the air!!!

Yesterday we had temperatures in the 70's!!! Today I think it was 60-something and it's supposed to stay that way for the better part of the week! Hallelujah! I know it's only February, but I'm perfectly happy to take some spring weather! I hope some of the rest of you have gotten to enjoy this kind of beautiful weather.

Daniel will be turning FIVE in about a week and a half -- I can't even believe it!

Jen (my oldest, closest friend) and I are going on our annual scrapbook weekend in only five days! I'm so excited! We spend 3 days holed up in a hotel room just cutting and pasting and laughing all weekend. I'm hoping to get a family book done from August '07 (right after Daniel came home) through this CNY. (My new scrapbooking plan is to make a family book each year that goes from CNY to CNY.) We'll see if I stick to that plan! Each of the kids have a book that goes from referral (or the earliest pics we have of them) through about their first year or first birthday with our family. I don't think I can maintain three separate books for all of their growing up years, so I guess some day they will just have to fight over the family ones we'll have. :-)

Get out and enjoy this spring weather if you have it! It'll shake those winter doldrums away!


P.S. If any of you haven't seen the CNY pics, they are in the January archives.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally, some new pictures!

Hello all!

I was recently chastised for not having any new photos on the blog (Thanks Robbie!), so I got busy and downloaded our CNY pictures. (See slide show below this post.) The party was put on by a local Chinese Association and was quite fun! The kids loved to watch the lion dance and all of the other traditional Chinese dances. Maja told me she wants to go again tomorrow! :-)

The kids are all doing well. Maja is working hard in speech and making much progress! She is learning phonics at speech, but they are also working on them at daycare. The other day at Grandma's house, Maja was able to sound out the word "sisters", so Grandma was pretty excited! Mali is running all around the house quizzing me on sounds: "What spells CH, mommy?" "What letter says t-t-t-t?" It's pretty fun. Daniel isn't quite as interested in studying as the girls are, but he's still right on track for kindergarten next year.

I hope all of you are faring well in this nasty winter weather that so much of the U.S. has had this past week.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just couldn't resist posting this photo...

Here is Mali, posing in her "Snow Princess" tiara and accessories from our friend Shelley. I did a terrible job of taking Christmas photos this year. I forgot to take my camera to my Mom's on Christmas Eve and she still hasn't sent me the photos that she took (hint, hint Mom!). Then I just plain neglected to bring my camera in at Grandma Dolly's on Christmas Day. (Hint, hint Dad!) Then we had Christmas with Tony's brother and his family on New Year's Day and I didn't even bother to try to take the camera that day! Ha ha! I had given up hope of getting pictures by that time. Maja was sick and didn't leave me much time for orchestrating photo opportunities!

Maja actually has matching Snow Princess gear, but she doens't look quite as happy wearing hers. (Poor little bugger was sick all through the holidays!)

Daniel was WAY excited about Christmas this year. Every single gift caused him to jump and spin and scream with excitement. He was quite uncontainable. :-) I wish I had a little video clip to post of his excitement, but alas, I do not.

We hope everyone out there in our cyberworld had a blessed Christmas season as well!

November 2007
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

~~ Helen Keller

Fun at the beach!

Fun at the beach!

Beautiful sunset with our friends at the lake

Beautiful sunset with our friends at the lake