Sunday, March 23, 2008


Three years ago today, Mali was placed in our arms in a crowded room full of 13 other families receiving their children. Can you believe it? THREE YEARS? Where does all the time go? I have the cutest picture of her and Tony in their first moments together -- she looked like "Oh my gosh -- you gave me these people???" And Tony was gazing upon her as if she was an angel sent straight from heaven (oh wait -- she is!) I wish I could post that picture for you all to see, but it is on my computer and my computer is on an airplane on its way to HP for motherboard repairs. I'm blogging on a loaner.

Today she is a walking, talking, counting, spelling nearly-4 year old. And in those three short years, she has gained a brother and sister. I am still in awe daily of the plans God has for our lives. We have been blessed with the coolest kids. They are all so full of personality (trying, at times!) and they are so independent and creative. Tonight they were at their NaiNai's house and they were running up and down the stairs (cool stairs w/ multiple entry points - great for childhood adventures) and they were "going to China" to see Mulan and their Ayi's. Mali is definitely the ring leader and I'm sure we'll never convince her that Daniel is actually the oldest child.

On that day three years ago, we had no idea just how deeply we could love, just how much we could be challenged and how much that tiny little screaming baby would change our lives (inside and out) for the better. I cannot describe to you what an awesome little girl she is! We are grateful everyday for the Lord's hand in placing her in our family. His plan is perfect!



ourchinagirls said...

Congratulations Mali and family! Wonder what the next three years will bring? More siblings?

Susan said...

What a difference three years makes! You and your family are so awesome and I am just happy we got reconnected.

PS Love the Christmas pics- I hadn't seen those happy photos yet.

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Fun at the beach!

Fun at the beach!

Beautiful sunset with our friends at the lake

Beautiful sunset with our friends at the lake